Theory and Practice

Theory and Practice

This week I promised myself that I would do at least a short weekly post.  A way to keep things interesting and fresh is to have a theme.  So I have decided to go with “Favorite Phrase Fridays.” Each Friday I will talk a little about a favorite phrase of mine.

What better way to start than with the tagline of the blog, “Theory and Practice.”  The full phrase is “In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they are not.”  I love this because it so adequately sums up the difference between what people think will happen, and what actually happens.  Humans go through life making guesses about everything from relationships to what they will have for lunch.  What are weather predictions or new years resolutions if not theories?

It’s an amazing feature of the human mind to completely believe in something without knowing whether or not it’s true.  It explains so much of our daily life.  Think about the last deep conversation you had with someone.  Was it about politics? Love? Religion?  Did you argue about the topic?  Or agree fervently?  Either way, how much of the really interesting parts of the talk were about proven facts? Facts are boring to people.  We prefer to live in the realm of fantasy.  Conjecture.  Projection. Abstraction.  All of these things are based on what we believe, what our theories are.

Now think about how often our theories are 100% accurate.  The answer?  Pretty much never.  What did you want to be when you grew up?  What are you doing now?  What did you set out to accomplish when you woke up this morning?  What actually happened?  The results of life, the universe, and everything are never what we expect.  This is what happens in practice.

The best part is that the differences between theory and practice are what makes life worth living.  It’s the surprises, the little twists of fate that keep things interesting and fresh.  It’s the disappointments that make us try harder, and the unexpected triumphs that let us relish our success.  Without a difference between theory and practice, what would cause us to have emotions?  What would life be but dull, boring, and predictable?

I have a theory that this post is the start of a great series.  We’ll see what happens in practice.

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