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After over ten years of working full time with .NET, and over five years of not really touching Java at all, I’ve gone back in, and in deep.  The Java world seems to be where all the interesting stuff happens these days, like new languages and NoSQL databases.

If you don’t already know, I’m working on Collabinate, an open source collaboration and microblogging engine that people can use from their enterprise apps, social apps, mobile apps, etc. The concept is that people want to follow more than just other people, they want to follow the entities in an app that make that app what it is.  So imagine if in an insurance application the users could follow a policy, or in a food tracking phone app the users could comment on their favorite spice and other people who like that spice would see the comment in their feed.  I think it’s a huge need for the software industry, and I’m working on cracking the nut.

One of the most important aspects to this is performance.  In a network of many thousands of users following many thousands of entities, speed is key – a user will not wait 30 seconds to see their feed. While many companies like Twitter and Facebook have thrown all kinds of hardware at this problem, there are some in the field that are working on more elegant solutions using good old fashioned computer science.  One that I have my eye on is the Graphity project by René Pickhardt, using a graph database to support fast feed reads.

And this brings me back to Java.  In order to utilize any existing graph database in an efficient manner, I needed to go native Java.  I’m implementing the core in Java, exposed for other bindings as a RESTful service.  Tonight I got my first embedded web server running using Restlet.  It was slightly harrowing learning Maven all in one evening and trying to mash it together with Eclipse while getting Restlet going, but it was also exhilarating.  I have found the joy of coding again, and it is Java.


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