About Me

My name is Jack Jones.  I live in Canada, have a lovely wife and three wonderful children, and I am a total tech geek.  I am the founder of Collabinate, a company that provides an API for adding activity streams to software applications.  Before this I worked for a company called KMI, where I helped build it over 10 years from a consultancy with 3 people to a powerhouse in its industry, when it was acquired. I’ve also worked for companies like IBM and Motorola, as well as smaller companies in domains like financial services and e-commerce.

My biggest passion  is my love of learning.  I like to read books and blogs on everything from theoretical physics to ancient political systems.  My favorite topics are software development and clean energy.  I dig open source, and like to get involved in developer communities.  I am also into video games, camping, and sailing.

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